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Our Story

More Than Just a Primary Care.

Brisk Health has built a network to provide patients like you with easy and affordable access to care.

Brisk Health was founded to meet patients' demand for more convenient and fast healthcare. Brisk Health Primary Care accepts patients with or without insurance. Our technology helps create a simple and fast experience for accessing care. We built the platform and designed it mobile-first from the beginning so that everyone can use it on all mobile devices, which means that our physician network has wide access to technology and efficiency tools when your health matters most.

Brisk Health is one of the fastest-growing and most talked-about start-ups in the health care industry today. It was created by real entrepreneurs who have a passion for solving problems and taking an idea from concept to market. Brisk Health is rapidly expanding across the United States and is poised to disrupt the health care industry. In October of 2021, Brisk Health was awarded Best Tech Startup in Henderson, Nevada, by The Tech Tribune.

Brisk Health
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